Announcement - 05/27/03

As part of the process of integrating and upgrading those customers acquired from Network Plus/Infohouse, Broadview Networks has taken the step of migrating your users page to our state-of-the-art customer web server.

The contents of your site were transferred to and should be viewable at that link.

User account webpages are a service that we provide freely to any and all customers who currently maintain other paid data services (DSL, T1, Dial-up, Email, Web-hosting) with us.

As part of the migration process, you must call in to our support staff at 1-800-Broadview to activate your login for your user account. Any account not so-activated one month from the date of transition will be shut off, and its contents deleted.

At the time of your call, please make sure to have the BTN of your billing data service (easily found on your Broadview Networks bill) ready, as this will be needed to open the ticket.

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